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What is POP?
POP leverages your past successes and moves you forward.
POP captures your unique energy.
POP creates content for individual careerists and smart marketers.
POP shows you how to connect with your audience emotionally.

    "The type of content that appeals emotionally is the kind we never get tired of, always have time for, don’t forget, and want to share with others."
- Scott Aughtmon, Content Marketing Institute
POP works closely with individuals, or with your company’s team of marketers, planners, designers, connecters, and curators.
POP builds on your existing written material OR starts from scratch.

Think of my POP rewrites like the person who studies your house or apartment, and reinvents the space by looking at it with fresh eyes. The finished product is all your stuff, with a new beat.

How to get started:
1. Send me an e-mail, or call me at 757.576.5472, for a consultation and a quote.
2. Before writing, I'll pose interview-style questions.
3. You get a POP draft and give me feedback.
4. Turnaround time ranges from one day to two weeks.
Profiles, bios, resumes, blog post edits, e-mail, website ‘about’ pages, and event/course descriptions, to name a few.

Four or less paragraphs. (For larger projects, please visit Lisa Richmon Communications)

All POP is written for a designated industry, potential employer, or specific audience.
POP PSYCHOLOGIST - About Lisa Richmon

"My gift is putting your gifts in words."

Psych background. Ad girl. Essayist. Charisma junkie. I write profiles and articles on relationship repair and career trends. As a published journalist and skilled interviewer who plays friendly shrink, people open up to me. When I retell your story, you'll be excited to share it. (Check out my published work.)

Side Effects: People who have used POP report improved vision, increased positivity, pride and confidence, and an uncontrollable drive to succeed. Others have experienced a sustained desire to PIVOT and explore new ventures. (Check out POP Samples.)

*New research says that 'charisma' is more than a strong handshake, eye contact and an infectious smile and dazzling conversation. Whatever 'it' is, you have it and I'll tap it."
New York Times
Whole Living
Washington Post

"I loved your POP resume rewrites. Taking hideous language and making it sound human makes such a difference. Hard to believe the before and after are the same people."

Chip Brown, Contributing Editor, National Geographic Magazine & Contributing Writer, New York Times Magazine