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Michealene Cristini Risley - Bio

Michealene Cristini Risley is an award-winning filmmaker, director and human rights activist whose documentary film projects have addressed the health and survival of over half the world population. Truth is her nectar. She will seek it and tell it at any cost, including attempted rape and imprisonment.

When it comes to challenging the status quo, MCR is a force of nature. She lives with her family outside California’s Silicon Valley. In 2012 she ran for U.S. President as the only unknown national figure, under a new technology platform called Americans Elect. She charged her way up to the #2 candidate, aided by a 30-person staff, in an office on the Google campus. Her mission was to reach the national stage, and use it as a platform to force current Presidential nominees to tell the truth.

CAROLINE SAGE - LinkedIn Summary
After four years as an associate in Jones Day's mergers & acquisitions group, Caroline took a sabbatical from the practice of law.

In January 2010 Caroline moved to Imperial Beach, California and trained with the San Diego Track Club for the 2010 San Diego Rock n' Roll Marathon. On June 6, 2010 Caroline completed her first marathon.

Caroline also transitioned her Jones Day pro-bono experience into a position with Disability Rights California. While at Jones ay Caroline coordinated the Atlanta office's signature pro-bono project- the Special education Advocacy Project. Caroline was honored to work for Disability rights California representing families and children with disabilities obtain special education services under federal and state disabilities laws.

Caroline is currently looking for a permanent position, ideally located in southern California.

Ready to reboot my life, I moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Imperial Beach, California in 2011 to train with the San Diego Track Club.

Before moving and becoming licensed to practice law in California, I was a lawyer with Jones Day's mergers & acquisitions group. At Jones Day, I gained significant M&A experience and demonstrated the mettle necessary to succeed in a tight deadline and client-driven industry.

A natural collaborator, I've consistently worked with clients, partners, and junior associates to accomplish a range of goals. Utilizing my fundraising and event planning skills, I contributed to the design and implementation of the firm's signature pro bono project called the Special Education Advocacy Project. A source of inspiration, The Special Advocacy Project introduced me to an alternative career path and became the platform for my current job as legal advocate at Disability Rights California, where I offer people better solutions in daily life.

In search of a permanent position in California, my next step is to bundle complex legal skills with a passion for legal advocacy. My 'dream' job is a seamless union of law and advocacy, where I solve problems at the intersection between life and work.

I bring a high level of commitment and dedication to future jobs with two recent improvements: I've added the word realistic to my career vocabulary and the title, 'San Diego Rock n' Roll marathon runner.'

Testimonial: "This is perfect. I love it. You have a true gift with words and I really appreciated your ability to listen. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your gift with me."
CHRISTA BAKER - Etsy Invitation Designer
Envelove is an invitation design shop created by myself, Christa Baker at my home studio in suburban Chicago. I have a long history with art and design, but I fell into (and in love with) invitation design after creating own wedding invitations. A string of invitation requests from friends and family followed, and I decided to take this show on the road!

Please feel free to browse the Envelove shop and convo me with any questions.

Thank you for shopping!

I vow to wow all my brides, moms-to-be, and party girls and guys, in the market for top-quality, niche invitations and announcements.

Because Etsy is swirling with novelty items for hipsters, it means a lot when customers fall in love with my 3D baby shower announcement and lace cutout wedding invitations.

Envelove's standard practice is to use top-quality linen cardstock. My background in art and design taught me how to dare myself without sidestepping solid design and execution. I'm currently working on a line of funky birthday cards that utilize the same 'cutout' idea I came up with for my own wedding invitation. I vow to always source the best materials and design invitations worth celebrating.

Please check back soon and often.

FEINGOLD JEWELRY: Etsy Artist + Lawyer = Etsy Lawyer
Hello! My name is Sarah Feingold and I've been making jewelry since I was 12 years old. My goal is to create beautiful and unique wearable art that increases the wearer's confidence. I appreciate clean lines and wearability. I like to make jewelry that is bright, beautiful and sure to be noticed. Each of my pieces is painstakingly constructed using only the finest materials. Although I have extensive formal art education, many of my techniques are self-taught using inspiration I find in unusual places.

As you can see my designs are clean and simple, but they definitely get noticed!

As a metalsmith and a young woman who loves jewelry, I gravitate toward vibrant and vivid color. Each piece of Feingold Jewelry involves a painstaking process using only the finest materials; every collection reflects a fresh perspective and passion. I love the way the silver feels in my hand when I'm working with it and on my neck when I'm wearing it. My customers tell me they feel more confident when they wear my pieces.

One reason Feingold Jewelry stands out is that I first fall in love with a stone. Then I wait for the design idea to seed and inspire me to do something nobody is doing. Feingold Jewelry mirrors my personality as a lawyer who makes jewelry.

Anything I dare to make expresses my formal training, and the techniques I've taught myself since I started playing with silver when I was twelve.

Happy Wearing,


SARAH FEINGOLD, General Assembly Instructor
Course Title: Intellectual Property Law for Startups
Course Description:The Internet is really just a collection of intellectual property, and so is your startup. Your business is comprised of ideas, designs, text, methods, agreements, secrets and more. This course will start with the basics of copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, and contracts. It will then examine what aspects of a business can and cannot be protected, how to sanely police these assets, how to use other people's intellectual property, and what to do when that dreaded lawyer letter arrives.
Sarah Feingold is general counsel of Etsy, Inc. (etsy.com). She specializes in intellectual property and ecommerce law, drafts policies, and contributes to business planning. In addition to practicing law, Sarah wrote the ebook "Copyright for Artists" and designs her own line of jewelry.

Course Title:
Intellectual Property Law for Startups
Course Description:Think of the Internet like a moshpit, a collection of priceless intellectual property. Now think of your startup, a supremely valuable but less chaotic hub of ideas, designs, text, methods, agreements, secrets, and more. This course starts with the basics of copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, and contracts. It will then examine what aspects of a business can and cannot be protected, how to calmly police these assets, how to use other people's intellectual property, and how to decipher, with reason, your next move when the dreaded lawyer letter arrives.
Born an artist, Sarah Feingold decided the best way to protect art was to go to law school. She is general counsel of Etsy, Inc. (etsy.com) where she specializes in intellectual property, business, and ecommerce law. When she's not practicing law, she's writing about legal issues (Feingold penned the ebook "Copyright for Artists") or creating jewelry in her tiny Brooklyn apartment kitchen.

Testimonial: "Lisa, thanks so much for painlessly polishing my rough idea into something more personal and unique. You have a way with people and with words."
New York Times
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Washington Post

"I loved your POP resume rewrites. Taking hideous language and making it sound human makes such a difference. Hard to believe the before and after are the same people."

Chip Brown, Contributing Editor, National Geographic Magazine & Contributing Writer, New York Times Magazine