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May 30, 2012 6-7:30pm
"The Art of Self-Promotion"
Lisa Richmon, Journalist, Founder of POP
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Course Description: The human side to self-promotion—Ask yourself great questions. Write engaging content. Seed new connections.

Let's face it, self-promotion has a high ick-factor, but that doesn't stop many of us from pushing the needle in the direction of gross and obnoxious, or defaulting to passive avoidance.

If you're ready to get out of your own way and shine a light on yourself, this queasy-free workshop will help you unpack some basic tools for creating content that's immediate and vivid. It will edge you several steps closer to nailing your core message, in a few properly pitched lines.

In the last half-hour, students will be asked to engage in a writing exercise: 'Write one paragraph describing what you want people to say about you – your services, ideas, designs, products, or your brand.'

Takeaway: By reimagining what it means to own your edge, and in the process filtering out word weight, scrappy diction, passivity and overpromise, you'll be poised to engage readers via e-mail, blogs, twitter, cover letters and seller profiles.

You'll use what you've learned to 'pop' your own writing instruments, or communicate what you offer to a writing professional who can convey your message to your audience.

Lisa Richmon is a journalist and charisma junkie who founded POP to help people shine in print, online, and in person. At POP, she uses her story scouting chops to blast profiles for brazen careerists in their 20s and up. Lisa's essays and articles have appeared in The New York Times, Washington Post, More, and Whole Living, among others. Her POP rewrites have been credited for 'making hideous writing sound human.'

Workshop Feedback: "Thank you for all your wisdom and inspiration. The workshop was extremely helpful and touched on the very thing things I've been looking for—how to find my voice. You should think about doing sxsw!"
Jill Silberstein, Doula+Founder, Here lil' Birdie, Executive Producer, Sound Lounge, and Producer, Mother NYC

New York Times
Whole Living
Washington Post

"I loved your POP resume rewrites. Taking hideous language and making it sound human makes such a difference. Hard to believe the before and after are the same people."

Chip Brown, Contributing Editor, National Geographic Magazine & Contributing Writer, New York Times Magazine